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Download Movie Previews

I recently saw an article on the internet that describes movie previews or trailers as one great Hollywood lie. I wouldn't describe it that way. A movie trailer is created to generate interest about the movie before it hits cinemas. It is like an advertisement. And advertisements are meant to be the best. They are supposed to create a stir in the minds of the viewer. And if a movie trailer does that, then it is a very good one.

If you love watching advertisements, then you must love watching movie trailers. Now its time to download movie previews. I have a collection of some of the best advertisements and movie trailers of all times with me. These include the latest movie trailers like the new batman movie called 'The dark Knight' as well as golden classics like The Maltese Falcon. I have downloaded and collected these off download movie previews websites and can now boast of having one of the best download movie preview collections. A lot of people do not know why movie previews are called trailers. In the olden days, a preview was slotted to be shown at the end of one movie and hence it was called a trailer.

Trailer Trivia

Movie trailers are looked upon as a preview of the film. It is supposed to give you a brief glimpse into the plot and the storyline of the film. Sometimes special footage is shot exclusively to be included in the trailers. Remember the classic scene from Casablanca where Rick Blaine says, 'Ok, you asked for it' before shooting Major Strasser? That scene is not present in the actual film but is quite an addition to the movie trailer. Another aspect of classic trailers of from the past is the booming voice over that used to accompany them. These voiceovers are absent today. Today, trailers are high quality and digitally enhanced. Many movie companies today outsource the work to special advertising companies called as trailer houses or Promo houses. These guys are experienced in making only movie trailers and make several copies of it before the final product is released into the market. The studio boss, the director and the lead actors are also actively involved in making movie trailers. Many a times, special music is created just for the trailer. The Motion picture Association of America certifies trailers for general audience viewing or may even give it an R rating depending on the content in it.

Downloading movie trailers

Full fledged movie downloads are extremely popular on the internet now. You can download just about any movie if you subscribe to their monthly package. But download movie previews have become even more popular now. There are a separate series of websites that have been created only for movie trailers. Some of these download movie previews websites have as many as 3500 trailers that can be downloaded. While many download movie previews websites allow you to download movie previews for free, some download movie previews websites require you to pay a monthly fee to download movie previews. The big question is, should you opt for a free membership or should you opt for paid services? It depends on the kind of service you are looking for. If you are looking to watch movie trailers for fun, then a free membership should suffice. On the other hand if you are looking to collect movie trailers, movie clips and previews, then you can opt for paid memberships to download movie previews.

Paid memberships have their own range of benefits. Firstly, you can download movie previews from a huge list of movie clips and movie trailers. These include trailers that are extremely rare and difficult to find. Secondly, you can be rest assured that the you wish to download movie previews.

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